Lubricating material rod

Each part of the boom to maintain good mobile concrete batching plant supplier lubrication, reduce engine wear, long life, easy operation is important, on the use must be in accordance with the lubrication points after every 82 hours of work spacing injection of sodium or calcium grease grease. Maintenance and fault boom 1. Maintenance of boom 1, the inner wall of the pipe after pipe cleaning check whether leave residual concrete. 2. Check the tube wall thickness not less than 3.0mm 3, regular inspection support, all parts of the activities supported and other connecting bolts are securely tightened. Activities supporting work 100 hours after the initial bolt tightening force should be checked after every 200 hours inspections. 4, before the shift work, you should check whether the tube clamp bolt prolapse or broken.

Product has the following characteristics:

The boom boom started with full swing fabric structure, equipped with Ф133mm pipes, machine manually. Having a stable and reliable structure, rotating light and flexible, 360 ° all-round forward and reverse rotation, the radius of mobile jzm500 hopper type concrete mixer gyration can be adjusted, appropriate height of the tower, just pull the rope easily, you can arbitrarily change the orientation of the fabric, it has a highly efficient and reliable, economical and practical features.

Product constitution

BLG Series Manual booms have main beams, gimbals, bearing seat, transmission lines constituted.    1, the main beams    Main beams by the support angle, pipe supports, rod, main beams and other components.    Main beams mounted slewing ring seat, by the rotation of the support to do a full 360 ° rotation, the upper part of the front end of the main beam tube and support bracket to secure the boom delivery line, back-end configuration is equipped with gimbals to achieve balance.   2, gimbal   Gimbal by the gimbal and counterweight box.   Gimbal mounted the counterweight box. It is installed in the main beam at the rear flange connection, with screws, to ensure the stability of its work.   3, the support base   The main support base and a steel plate welded angle iron.   Slewing ring mounted in the lower part of the main beams used to support the whole weight. The upper portion of the main beam, through the support base of the ball slewing ring to achieve 360 ​​° rotation. Range to achieve different fabric. Telescopic legs can do to adjust the horizontal distance to achieve its stability, each leg must be leveled at work.   4, transmission lines  Delivery routing fixed riser pipe, straight, 90 ° elbow, hand, pipe clips and other components.   Fixed transfer line connected to the main beam frame, the rear hot sale easy operated jzc300 used concrete mixer end of a 90 ° Curved and concrete pumping tubing end, the other end of the tube through the activities stubborn to do manually within the range of 310 ° fabric.

Working principle    

Boom feed bend the tip end of the pipe and concrete pump are connected to form a complete pumping construction of transport pipeline, hopper concrete pumping working pressure Xia, through concrete delivery lines and main beams and manual control was continuous rotation site construction within range of fabrics sent.